Who are we ?

ACA Industry sells and manufactures crushers for recycling of gypsum waste, wallboard waste, plasterboards, wood waste, electronics, foods,
insulation waste, garden waste, household waste, chip board etc. and bale openers for paper, PET- and plastic bottles,frank-Petersen
 industrial waste, tobacco etc for the industry for operation on 24/7 with low costs.

AAA engFrank Pedersen has been appointed Managing Director of ACA Industry, He is a specialist in crushers and bale openers with screws.
He is educated as an engineer and has extensive know how in the professional use of crushers and bale openers Worldwide.
He comes from a similar position as Director of ACTA and Acta Recycling, where he has been Managing Director for more than 20 years.

Frank Pedersen, Managing Director